[Suggestion] Make "rustic statue" rustic.

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IMHO, the addition of Gold as an ingredient for the rustic statue and it's inclusion in the Homestead:Construction prospect was ridiculous and maddening. Yes, gold is a far more common commodity on Icarus. However it still has the connotation of wealth. It wouldn't be near as bad if the difficulty of smelting gold was more realistic. It should be smelt-able in the stone furnace - it has a lower melting point and is easier to purify than either iron or copper. After you've finished out the massive list of your rustic furnishings to finish the mission you have to make a machining bench in order to make the concrete mixer in order to make the concrete furnace you need to smelt the gold you have to have for the to make this silly little decoration. I quit the mission and pulled out of the prospect. Either the gold should be removed from the statue and made into simple iron/copper as bronze, or you need to be able to smelt gold as easily as it should be.

Under consideration Art Suggested by: Lianail Upvoted: 08 May, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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