Exotic randomization update needs rework

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1) Even with the backpack that gives you twelve extra slots, you simply don't have enough slots to take back enough exotics to purchase the new equipment (900 exotics required every mission). This means that even with your hot-slots and the dropship inventory, you're taking back less to the workshop than before the update. 2) You can only carry the radar or the extractor - not both. This means that for every exotics location you have to make several trips instead of one. The exotics are often on the other side of the map and if you don't have enough slots you'll need to make several trips to bring your equipment with you (machining bench, fabricator, sundries, etc). If you leave them behind you need to make even more trips to repair weapons, etc). 3) Not enough dropship slots to take things down with you - if you've added new items that you need to get exotics, you need more slots. I was already using all of the slots available - now I have to sacrifice items just to bring new stuff.

Done Balance Suggested by: Paul Price Upvoted: 19 Feb, '23 Comments: 6

Comments: 6