[Bug] Inaris "Lua" Envirosuit is underpowered, needs buff

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As it is right now, the Lua suit takes away 5 slots for one extra mod slot. However, suit mods are kinda useless rn, since they don't have very powerful buffs by themselves, and one extra mod slot is not worth the COMPARATIVE (to Xigo 'Hark' Envirosuit) loss of BOTH 10 physical protection AND 5 inventory slots. (Not to mention the Hark suit is SIGNIFICANTLY more affordable.) So, my suggestion is to either buff suit mods, or to add a +10 physical protection modifier to the Lua envirosuit. The latter is simpler and justifies the (quite hefty) price of the Lua suit, and is my preferred option.

Under consideration Balance Workshop Suggested by: FeatherSnow Upvoted: 24 Mar, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0