Tweaking construction edit tools with the hammer

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The current mecanic of editing constructions is good but the issue is when you missplaced a structure. In fact, when a structure is missplaced you must hold an structure in the navigation bar and press Y to destroy it. But when you have no more construction items in hand, you need to craft one to destroy the missplaced one. The idea is to make possible to give the hammer the destroy option (Y). With that, it would be interesting to see the same color hightlight of the construction (green, yellow, orange, red) for the stability of the structures with the hammer. This would enhance the construction gameplay and encourage players to like building without making it sometimes frustrating when the last piece get missplaced. My suggestion is in the image attached : The idea is to add two keys, one for dismantle and another that toggle between the reparation mode and stability hightlights.

Under consideration Building Pieces Suggested by: Dark_Lightner Upvoted: 14 May, '22 Comments: 0

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