The Shotgun needs some serious TLC.

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The Shotgun is currently outclassed by both of the Rifles in all ways save for magazine capacity and fire rate, which the Hunting Rifle effectively matches. Some suggestions on how to give the Shotgun its own niche: 1: Improve its damage - The Shotgun fires 00 Buck, but near as I can tell, each shell is only about 5 pellets' worth when it should be 8-9. I suggest increasing the pellet number to match what you would have in reality AND increasing individual pellet damage OR critical damage 2: Status effects - I recommend adding status effects to basic shotgun ammunition like a blinding effect, slowing effect, fear effect (shotgun to the face is not fun), bleeding effect, etc. 3: Ammunition types - Dragon's Breath for incendiary damage, Flechette shells for extra range, Slug shells for massive short-range punch, Fragmentation shells for boomstick-propelled miniature fragmentation grenades, the sky really is the limit. The Shotgun could have this all and more, please consider this.

Under consideration Weapons Suggested by: CaptainBadger Upvoted: 20 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0