Styx mission - Total cost: Hard stockpile

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Total cost: Hard stockpile OPERATOR: ACS BACKGROUND: The Operator was given a tough contract to showcase advanced materials and medical supplies. MISSION: Prospectors are not expected to pursue specific objectives. Survival is deemed fulfilment. Terms: ..... Objective: Find a Tech Shuttle in the marked area. { Put 80 electronics in the shuttle, 5 canisters of biofuel, } Find a Medical shuttle in the marked area. {Put 10 Antibiotic Pills, 10 Anti-Parasitic Pill, 10 Anti-Poison Pill, 10 Blood Thinning Pill 20 Basic Bandage, 5 Suture Kit, 5 Splint. }

Under consideration Map: Styx Suggested by: Artem Upvoted: 15 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

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