Rifle Disappearing from Hot Bar.

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I have over 700 hours in the game. I am a solo player who has had to start over on several missions from things disappearing. I'm thinking about stepping away from the game. I've tried playing the game that has so many bugs and optimization issues. It just aggravating and I have realized it's not fun. The game drops FPS after every storm. I have to log off/on every time. My recent item to disappear was my rifle from my hot bar. I have had my whole stone house completely disappear. Just to mention a few instances. The weekly updates have made the game unplayable at the moment. You can't blame this on my computer. The game can play beautifully some of the time. Great frame speed with settings on low. It's terrible when you open up the Experimental Branch. I really enjoy Icarus when everything runs smoothly. Just tired of the ups and downs regarding the FPS issues and things disappearing. Hopefully things will improve. I really love the game.

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