tier 4 equipment and a few other things

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first off i would like to say i enjoy many things about Icarus. i recently trudged my way up to making a fabricator and other items. (elec. furnace, processor, etc) simply put. the materials and time needed to make some of it (so many electronic parts) is not worth it. the electric lights give off very poor light in area and brightness. some of the items (axe, spear, HUNTING riffle) are the only reasons to make a fabricator. with random factors it is too easy to be short gold or aluminum on many occasions. that is just my opinion. on another note: 1) noticed that my floor torches deep in some of the caves will be put out when a storm blows through. 2) you get get sick in a cave do to moisture and low temp. but it can get to over 100 degrees in dessert settings. (caves usually stay at a consistent low temp.) now just to some ideas and wish list: more building options. just some fun design items. banners, flags, etc. also some under water builds in the future.

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Comments: 0