Progression needs rework

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Currently, the tech tree and tech progression is meaningless almost. You need certain key receipes, but other than that you mostly build a wood house, do the mission within a few hours and then you're done. You rarely need to spend the amount of time we are given per mission, and don't really need to craft the higher tier equipment. Usually doing more than the bare minimum and rushing mission and exotic mining is enough. That is, after all, the only rewards that really count. The space station rewards are the only thing that really feels like progress. It's also poorly balanced. Missions can easily be completed both solo and duo. 8 people is unecessary. SUGGESTION 1: instead of having to craft wood->stone->concrete etc, make it so that you can entirely skip, or easily skip through tech you have progressed past. Rework the progression system to fit. Currently you have a meta in a pve game that makes no sense.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Sonny Upvoted: 14 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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