[Suggestion] "Continuous Mission" type - aka Open World Missions

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Rocketwerkz Response: Merging Open World missions into this request, as this is basically the open world mission process coming in week 50, with plans for expansion in the future. ---- - Original request below - I suggest an ENDGAME! mission type (one for every 8×8km map) that has "no end". It would have the lenght of the standard "exploration" mission but it would also have "INFINITE" objecives. In short like this: - Base construction is initial mission completion and gives basic rewards. - Depoly: Contract Terminal, power it and log in. ( Can't log in before base completion.) - In every 10 - 35 min. Operation issues a new random mission (any that exists/fits) and some of it's original rewards as bonus at the CT. Accept or decline for 15min. - Player can have up to 3 active mission at any given time.

Done DEV RESPONSE Missions Suggested by: Foxx Upvoted: 15 Sep, '23 Comments: 182

Comments: 182