Reducing Meat Yields.

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For the average prospect, farming seems more or less useless when you can just snipe a wolf and get raw meat as well as stringy meat. I wouldn't like to suggest reducing the amount of wildlife to take meat from - that would just make the world a lot less lively. Instead, I saw that a 'Circle of Life' suggestion had already been made but I wanted to make another post to highlight what is probably the most important point which was actually missed out of that suggestion; It would make it a lot harder to get meat from wildlife. Wolves should seldom be alone, usually hunting in packs which would make them harder to hunt for meat. Deer should have much higher awareness, sometimes they just walk up to me. Packs of wolves should also hunt the deer, so then you would struggle to get meat from the strong, pack of wolves and also the already dead deer which is already being chewed up by the wolves. Buffalo should become bison and only travel in herds. If you agro one then they can stampede yo

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