[Suggestion] Higher-tier Meat & Food Prep Upgrades

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Two suggestions for cooking and drying meats. 1) Higher-tier cooking devices should cook multiple items at the same time. 1 item on the campfire, 2 on the firepit, 3 on the fireplace, 4 on the potbelly stove, 5 on the biofuel stove, and 6 on the electric stove (when that is finally released). 2) There should be higher tier versions of the drying rack for meat. A tier 3 version could require charcoal (for "smoking" the meat) and a tier 4 version could run on electricity. Each higher-level device could prepare foods faster and offer an additional slot, similar to the higher-tier cooking device suggestion above.

Under consideration Food Suggested by: Morningate Upvoted: 19 Oct, '23 Comments: 5

Comments: 5