Week Twenty-Six Update - Styx Storm Damage

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Did not see this on the Updates or comments yet... Just finished a mission and everything was fine, even after the update. Started a new mission and both the Stone Building Pieces and my Workshop Naneo Armor took heavy storm damage within two storms. My armor is down to 17%. There seams to be a storm much more frequently than before, so this is going to be a major issue for armor and buildings. Unable to do much or get very far from base without storm(s) hitting. It is a waste of time waiting for them to go by and the longer I am gone the more damage to the house. Building up is already redundant to do each mission, but to have to rebuild due to a storm destroying something is also a waste of time. I understand wood taking some damage, but the stone is getting too much.

Under consideration Balance Map: Styx Suggested by: Sean Upvoted: 07 Jun, '22 Comments: 0

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