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Hi! KEA birds in Styx behave too slowly. Flight speed is too slow, wings moving too slow and the birds take a turn absolutely unnaturaly. The birds need 2x-3x so much speed to take off, wings min. 4-5x faster. In the air the wings speed 2x faster except sailing-flight. The diamater for turning back to their start position should be bigger, then nobody can see the unnatural movement. Birds need to be more sesitive for the presence of the player. Only an animal that cannot see you can be killed from behind. Birds cannot be killed by running after and killed by knife in the air. I miss a bird - shock too...if you run trough a forest the birds scared by your presence should do a very fast take off...with noise that shocks you if there is silence in the forest :) This should be like in real forest. Forest biome needs birds, snakes, eagle who can attack us from above (nest radius in mountain region). The desert region snakes hidden under the rocks (randomly).

Under consideration AI Balance Suggested by: NikhajZzz Upvoted: 10 Jun, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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