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After playing more then 600hrs in the game i face now a stereotype, I have more then 500 blueprints available. Some of my talent poinst i was not able to change, to reset them. Shows me a message that another talent is depending on it. But this is not problem, the main problem is that player on a max level cannot progress anymore. Try to consider that blueprints and EXP gained will be exchangable to talent poinst too. Let's talk about that 150 blueprints and 2M exp = 1 Talent point. Little motivation after reaching milions of exp, playing more then 600hrs in the game. In the real world people learn in their whole life. Let player to achieve all possible talents? Fair system...try to consider that every +10M exp means for the player the animals attack him lot stronger, maybe +10-15%. Hardcore level is now more real, but reaching all possible it should be absullutely real. Force players to build stronger weapons - hunting rifle. Motivating lower lever team players to clear the area.

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: NikhajZzz Upvoted: 16 Jan Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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