Make drinks useful

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As of now drinks like tea/coffe/coca are not really useful. The problem is - weight is too hight and stack size is too small. Yes, you can craft it while at base, but taking ingradients with you when leaving the base is less likely: full stack (100) of beans only allow 2 portions (40 beans per portion), and huge weight (4 kilos of beams per portion). SUGGESTION: I would suggest to increase number of potions per stack and decrease stack weight SIMPLE SOLUTION: just decrease coffe beams (tea leaves) weight and increase stack size or decrease per potion requirement. Would be great to have 5-10 portions per stack INTERESTING SOLUTION: change the way you cooking coffe (tea, cocoa). Right now you just collect beams and voila, you can use it. Instead, change it to: - collect beans - roast beams - grind beams (mortar and pestle) you will receive light weight powder wich allow 5-10 portions per stack. Same with Tea: collect, dry, grind.

Under consideration Food Suggested by: Egor Chibisov Upvoted: 01 Jul, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0