Bug - Loose ends: extermination

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Hi, after fighting the scorpion boss, I was killed and all my items were lost underground, I could not take the items and they did not return to my inventory after the mission. Would it be possible to return these items to me, or return their value in exotics and gold currency? It took me a long time to save for them. These were: Shengong 'Hulu' Canteen, Shengong 'Liwei' O2 Tank, Inaris "Dias" Ax, Inaris "Neves" Pickaxe, Inaris "Ventura" Knife, Larkwell Martinez Compound Bow, 3x Mass Dampener Module, Gatherer's Backpack, IC -001 Extractor, IC-001 Prototype Power Battery, MXC Sickle, MXC Furnace and MXC Campfire

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: Kiki Upvoted: 21 May Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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