Add Medic - Rescuer Class To Icarus - Here's how

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To whom is may concern, I was directed to come here and paste this suggestion of mine for a 'Medic' talent tree option: [11:16 AM] That would be pretty cool if there were an actual 'Rescuer' role in the Talent tree. Kinda like a field medic specialty [10:47 AM] That would definitely be a person you want on your mission with you. The person could specialize in special stims, scalpel, etc, etc,. [10:48 AM] With their tech tree looking a lot different after level 50. Probably able to construct make shift emergency treatment buildable. [10:49 AM] Instead of shooting bullets, they can craft highly accurate 'treatment rifleds' whereby you could shoot one of you team mates from a distance and get crit heals etc. [10:49 AM] *rifles [11:19 AM] Also, the Medics stealth would start out a bit higher than most because the would not be highly spec'd in weaponary as that isn't / wouldn't be their primary role, but the Medic could still use weapons. Just to not such a great degree. Let's say, like a '

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Comments: 0