[Error] ores cannot be dug or are dug but not collected oxite (and Liwei Tank)

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I don't know if it depends on the place or if it's a random error, but on the map to the right, in the east, in the desert before reaching the snow between "K6 and N7", there was a place where you couldn't dig any type of mineral, my brother's protector died (but not definitively) due to lack of oxygen, minerals in general could not be excavated, and those that could be excavated did not collect the material, mainly we had problems with oxite because the prospector died of hypoxia, although it is also related to another error, the Oxygen Tank (the one in our survey was the Liwei Tank), it was duplicated, we tried to unite them and remove it from the suit module, apparently, this action allowed my brother to collect oxita, but there were still minerals without being able to excavate. I want to give a separate suggestion on the problem of minerals, in nature there are always multiple diversities of sizes and shapes, icarus minerals have the same diameter and height for all types of mine

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Comments: 0