Latest patch allows wolves to destroy concrete in a dozen hits

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This is a big F'ing problem!!!!!! One wolf destroyed a quarter of my 100% concrete outpost by taking out the foundation and collapsing it. I didn't even know it was attacking my house until it started to collapse. I decided to test it and allowed a wolf to follow me back to my place. I went up the stairs, which it can't climb, so it started attacking my concrete stairs doing 50 to 60 damage per hit. Needless to say, I stabbed it to death with extreme prejudice!! There ain't no bad man in that closet anymore and if he is, he ain't happy. Unless the wolf is Godzilla size, there is no way, on any planet, in any solar system, that a wolf can destroy concrete. FIX THIS ASAP!

Under consideration Balance Building Pieces Suggested by: Bryan Upvoted: 06 Jul, '22 Comments: 3

Comments: 3

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