Horde mode unplayable, waves not triggering - stuck or missing animals

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I tried horde mode solo on geyser in L12 on Livewire scan mission. Animals kept getting stuck behind rocks or wandered off. I spent two in game days trying to make it work. Best I got was a 2nd wave of Jaguars but they got stuck again or disappeared. Each occasion I circled around trying to find stuck or missing animals. Restarted vapor machine twice, got Wolf wave twice and never progressed any further. I suggest that the machine just runs on a displayed timer and the mission is not progressed by waves of animals that don't show up or not triggered. When the timer runs out you get the reward. If the animals don't show because they got stuck, bonus for you. If they do make it past obstacles well you deal with them. Discussed in discord and other players mentioned same problem. Awfully frustrating experience having to grind to to get vapour condenser and then it just stuffs up. Won't be trying again anytime soon.

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Comments: 0