Polar bears need serious nerfing.

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Polar bears are way too overpowered, everyone who's played this game knows that. Not only do they have x10 the health of bears, but you also can't 70% of the time dodge their attacks, as you can do with bears. Not only can you not dodge them, but they're also the only bloody enemy in winter biomes, in multitude of quantities. Not only are they the only bloody enemy in winter biomes, but they can also spot you from 1000 clicks away and fucking rush you like they're an obese kid getting a keep-anything-you-can-touch ticket to Willy Wonka's factory. Not only that, but they LITERALLY climb nigh vertical walls to molest you. Fix. The. Fucking. Polar bears. Or. Remove. Them. Winter biomes are already trying to kill you in 100 different ways with the exposure and constant storms. https://streamable.com/cmpo55

Known issue AI Balance Suggested by: Samael Upvoted: 16 Sep, '23 Comments: 12

Comments: 12