Decrease single-player difficulty of horde wave

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I think the horde mode is too difficult. I think I had the best preparation I could have (at least for the 1st wave) and I still did not have a chance. I built a concrete box around the vapor condensor. Around that, a ring of medium hedgehogs. And I was standing on the box with a hunting rifle and the pickled carrots "+20% Projectile Damage" bonus. As far as I see, that is a reasonable defensive setup, at least for a first wave? It is more defense than I have ever built in the game. I got a some wolves (+ alpha wolf), then some jaguars (+ black jaguar) and then some bears (+cubs). I think this all belongs to the first horde "wave" since the condensor did not contain loot in between. In the end, I was shooting bears as fast as the hunting rifle could, but it was not enough. There were like 20 bears around the box. So, I think the first wave of the horde mode is overpowered (for single player?). Otherwise, which kind of setup would be appropriate for the first wave of the horde?

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Alex Upvoted: 02 Sep, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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