[Suggestion] T4 Extractor "boost" modification/upgrade/option

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Currently, some veins (arctic, desert) only have two attachment slots for extractors. Also, solo extraction (running around as a solo player) is more difficult due to G-slot limitations on carrying the extractors and radar and such. I don't actually propose to modify either of those limits. Instead, have an option (alteration crafted somehow, maybe a second piece you attach or slot into the extractor itself) that can "boost" the performance of the extractor by, say, 50%, but at the cost of using 2x the power. This would 1) Allow for functionally 2.5x extractors running on a single generator in the arctic or desert without modifying the underlying structures (a generator can run 3 extractors, so would be able to boost one). 2) Allow faster extraction if people put the effort into carrying a second generator and fuel can around and also craft the addon/alteration/booster/whatever (added effort leading to added benefit) 3) allow solo players a little more option when running around.

Done Balance Suggested by: Twist2021 Upvoted: 27 Jul, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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