Ingame timer must also pass during sleep (This will make the night-avoiders rethink before sleeping)

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Ingame timers are really really more than what the players need to complete the prospect. Even 24 hour missions can be completed in 1 hour or less with workshop items ( 2-3 hours without them). When you go to sleep, storms, cookning food, smelters dont get affected which makes no sense at all. I think "ingame timer" must also go down while sleeping. Players must be able to choose the duration of their sleep. HOWEVER, when you sleep in an unsafe environment (like out in the open), animal attacks must occur interrupting the sleep and wake the player catching them unaware and defenseless. This game is harder to play at night because of the darkness and it is really easy to pass the night in 4-5 seconds just by sleeping. So players can avoid playing at night and lose nothing with this. That's why ingame timer must also pass so players must think twice before wasting their precious limited mission timer on sleeps and must feel like have to play through the night.

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Comments: 0