[Suggestion] Buff Concrete/Aluminum

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As it is, Concrete is just Stone with 1k more hp, and Aluminum is just wood that uses more expensive materials. This seems like a... not-well-thought-out plan, at best. I suggest improvements as such: Concrete: gains an additional 50% weather resistance over Stone, drastically improving its value in high-difficulty storms (Now there's actually a reason to make this -- If Stone takes 3 sec to die in a thunderstorm, and concrete takes 5, that's honestly not really an improvement or an incentive to build anything at all outside of caves. If it lasts 25 seconds though, you stand a chance of being able to repair a mid-size base before it dies.) Aluminum: Remove (anytime you might want to use aluminum, you might as well use Thatch instead) and replace with Steel: 50% bonus resistance to attacks over Concrete, another 20% resistance to weather (total should end up at 95% or so), with another 1.5k hp. Tbh might be better as a T5 material at this point though.

Done Balance Building Pieces Suggested by: IO Upvoted: 20 Aug, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0