Means to track Mission unlocks (Either Tech Tree or Accolades sub-menu to show extra unlocks please)

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There are now a number of mission rewards (unlocks) some of which appear to be associated with 'your account'. That is, once you've unlocked it, it's relevant for all of /your/ prospectors, e.g. pickaxe-mineable exotic deposits (Deep Vein: Extraction), and also the 'drillable' exotic deposits(PayDay: Extraction). Others seem to be unlocked for only individual prospectors specific item recipes, like Cave Worm items in Unearthed: Research, or Scorpion items in 'Carapace: Research'. I've got a few characters, and I find it pretty frustrating that I can't see which I've unlocked these 'extras' for without getting into a prospect, building the specific tech to then attempt to make said items, and only then, find that I haven't got those recipes unlocked. Perhaps putting them into a separate panel of the 'Accolades' or an 'extras' section of the tech tree as but two options to lay out these extra goodies. Thanks for your continued and active development of the game too!

Known issue QOL Suggestion Suggested by: IVY_MiKe Upvoted: 15 Nov, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2

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