Bug - Ricochet: Expedition - Mission Unable to progress

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In my instance I completed both drill throughs and made it to the desert. The mission updated and gave my next task as scanning the three locations in the desert. Instead of continuing I went back to my home base and restocked and repaired my gear. I then logged off for the night. When I began to continue the next day the mission progression list had reverted back to then point of having to start at the beginning of gathering the drill to drill through the caves again. When I got to the first cave it was still open as was the second cave into the desert. I then went to the designated spot and there is no area where I can set the scanner. I then went back to the beginning and collected the drill once more and the progression tracker advanced. When I got to the cave there was the drill location marker hovering on the imaginary cave, but I cannot mount the drill. Thus preventing me from advancing the mission tasks. I cannot complete the mission.

Under consideration Missions Suggested by: John Upvoted: 01 Aug, '22 Comments: 5

Comments: 5

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