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This game needs a solid audio mix pass! Certain SFX such the pickaxe sound when mining or say the thunder storms are so overpowering in volume. The different audio components of the game vary in volume quite drastically and feel kind of of all over the place. The pick axe for example is especially bad on headphones, where it stands out enough that It commonly hurts my ears if i don't turn the slider way down I've also noticed the game sounds quite louder them most every other game! If I'm using discord to talk to a group I'm playing with I generally have to half the volume of the game to hear anyone and I have them a 2x output. I've also noticed the games mix is not consistent. I have to adjust the different volume sliders if I am listening to the game via my Mackie studio speakers or my Razor 7.1 gaming head set. It be awesome if the audio was more consistent across different audio sources

Under consideration Audio Suggested by: Ryley Baldwin Upvoted: 01 Aug, '22 Comments: 0

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