Outposts to still be accessible when a character is part way through a mission

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As Outposts are entirely separate to the missions, I feel you should be able to access them with the same character that might be part way through a mission. Reasoning: I am mainly playing this game co-op, and so I do not want to advance the mission when my friends are offline. I do however want to be able to level up my character as some form of progression when I have time to play and they do not. You might think "but you could level up in the mission space while they are away", but I'd either have to destroy materials to prevent progressing the mission in that sense, or go and build in a remote corner of the map which both don't feel great imo, plus developing an Outpost overtime would be much more rewarding! Forgive me as I am brand new to this game so it might have been asked, but is there any reason why this wouldn't work? From my understanding, as we progress and mission times increase, being part way through is only going to become more common. Thank you!

Under consideration Map: Outposts Missions Suggested by: Ellis Upvoted: 21 Aug, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1

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