Promotion System - Rank 50 Reset - For extra Talents

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Many games use a promotion system where once you max level a character you can reset him to lvl 1 for bonus rewards and skills. So once a player hits lvl 50 let them do a mission to reset the characters talents and lvls back to lvl 1 with a bonus 4 talents for first time then 2 additional talents every time they reset to a max of +60 extra talents. This gives 2 main advantages 1. it allows players to try new play styles each play through and update characters with upcoming patches without the need to spend thousands and thousands of Ren on reset points 2. Allows for slow progression unlocking additional talents but keeping the total number to max double the current in game level - as time goes on and levels increase the challenge will increase but the max amount of points would ask well. Disadvantage Higher ranked characters would be significant time investments and become more and more risky to use on harder missions without insurance.

Under consideration Talents Suggested by: ForgeTec Upvoted: 01 Jan, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0