A recommendation on how to improve the Ammunition Recipes

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I recommend that the standard Rifle Rounds for all calibers be Stacks of Five due to the IRL Ammunition using approximately that much metal and gunpowder. To keep the balance reasonable, I recommend adding Copper to the Rifle Bullet recipe, to account for both in-game Balance and for the Brass Casings of IRL Rounds, and Steel in the place of iron in any Advanced Rounds, both to account for the Pressure needed to fire such rounds IRL, and to keep prospectors from spamming them and decreasing the difficulty too easily. Advanced Shotgun Rounds should require other materials to be built. I recommend Steel for the Slugs and a new Steel Buckshot Round; Composites and titanium should be necessary for Armor-piercing Slugs (Useful against Big Game at CQB Range), but the AP Slugs should also be in larger stacks than the other Shells to encourage their usage over the other Shells. AP Rounds should be worked in to encourage the Hunting of Large Game, which is currently unwise in most cases.

Done QOL Suggestion Weapons Suggested by: Theodore Bendon Upvoted: 18 Aug, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0