Lost character due to patches and why can't we have them back?

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Okay I am a fair person, BUT I had over 660 hours in the game, and now I lost my level 50 character. My daughter lost two of hers, level 35 and level 23, and my son lost his level 35 character. We took advantage of the extra solo traits for extra blueprints and traits, no longer there, then we kept working on the different quests, So why when you have dedicated players can't we have extra points for lost characters??? This is ridiculous. WHEN you work so hard and are capped, to have to start over from scratch try to duplicate a character that is an asset to a team as well as solo, it's just not fair especially when the extras from when the game started are no longer there to take advantage of. Why should we keep playing a game that constantly takes away you character? Both my kids are frustrated. I personally am just aggravated. I asked about retrieving all of our characters and NOTHING! Either up the cap give more trait and blueprint points or return characters

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Comments: 5

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