Its become too much of a group game

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I returned for styx but was met with a meat grinder. There are people who play the game solo and the game is simply no longer fun for us. I "get" the need to please your hardcore fans who shout the loudest but the game is not accessible to semi casual solo players. How hard would be be to dial down encounters some for those not in a group with 2 or 3 other people ? 2nd mission in... I burned so much ammo I had to restock and repair the 2 bows and 2 firearms I was carrying. 2 cave worm encounters plus 3 radar scans which triggered way more beasts than I could reasonably solo...without resorting to building fortresses around each radar point. You've manged to suck the fun from an already very tough game. 12 hours gameplay for a mission I simply ended up bailing on. I'm out sadly. Enjoy the ball punching hellscape you have created for yourselves.

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Comments: 1

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