Mission Briefings need to state a recommended level

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Time and time again I'm being frustrated at starting a mission, Homestead Construction is a good example, only to find out I am wildly under leveled and geared for it. In this mission, you need to be able to craft 2 statues, either with gold, requiring you be at least level 20 with the concrete furnace perk to smelt the required gold, OR to the horde enzyme geysers and get condensed enzymes. Started this mission, wasted hours of my time just to even start a base and build just to find out.. oh, hey. I can't even bloody complete the mission. wasted my day, thanks. Put in the mission briefings a suggested level for it if you're going to have the mission require you to be a certain level with perks to even complete it.

Done Missions QOL Suggestion UI Suggested by: The Masamune Upvoted: 11 Apr, '23 Comments: 6

Comments: 6