Revamp Gysers to lower level and give material reward.

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I play 3 player. We've played over half the missions just about to the last desert and arctic hubs before Spirit walk). Never replayed a mission. Just about have all the exotics we need (we drill all nodes every mission). Never done a geyser. Doesn't seem to be a reason to. It's T4 and we've never been to T4 on any mission. Geysers should be revamped. The machine should be T2 tech. The the difficulty adjusted and the reward a large load of materials (gold/copper/composites) that helps you get to T4). Perhaps the "enzymes" collected are placed in a pod and "traded" for such materials giving you an alternative to mining. Some geysers could be more or less difficult with more or less enzymes yielding more or less materials in trade. Perhaps they could be done more than once (with a new machine) so you can keep "mining" the geyser all mission if you keep fighting the hordes.

Under consideration Balance Suggested by: Shockwave Upvoted: 22 Sep, '22 Comments: 0

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