Fern pop up dialogs are Immersion breaking in particular when sneak hunting

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issue - hunting in icarus is fantastic and i to jump into brush or wheat and sneak up on a deer etc however it is very distracting and immersion breaking for every fern to show a pop up dialog. many times i have had to move from the perfect shot because the pop up is looking for input. please see the attached picture for clarity currently every pickable (fern, berries, tree saplings etc) on the map has an icon of a hand (picture #1) and also a text dialog pop up (picture #2). afte people play for 10 mins they know these can all be picked so there is no value in repeating this dialog a 1000 times throughout a mission. trees and rocks are handled nicely showing a simple icon (picture #3) suggestions - 1 - on pickables remove the dialog and leave only the icon similar to how a tree or rock is done. 2 - make the pop up dialog optional using the setting (picture #4) for highlight off which would turn off the highlighting of the item (picture #5) and also the dialog popup.

Under consideration QOL Suggestion Suggested by: craig lapiana Upvoted: 02 May, '23 Comments: 0

Comments: 0