[Bug] Stone deposits multiplying on server restart

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Hello everyone. I found some bugs in the outpost and I wish you would take a look at them. Stone deposits--> if you mine them completely, they will spawn again after the restart. <--works [Server Side] --> You can mine these again, but it's two stone deposits in one. After restarting it is already three in one....and so on... [Client side] --> some stone deposits are no longer visible after restarting the outpost map. Stone deposits that you can see can be mined completely, but the collision of the deposit will remain and upon contact with it, the player will tremble and be partially unable to move. However, the server-side player still sees this stone even though it was mined by the client. If the server then removes this occurrence, the collision on the client also disappears.

Under consideration Client Suggested by: Breeko Upvoted: 24 Sep, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0