Leaving game while in a cave is extremely dangerous

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(Note that I have been playing solo, in online mode; I suspect this may effect this behavior.) The two (and only two!) times that I have quit the game while in a cave, when I came back to the game and re-loaded, all the cave worms in the vicinity immediately re-spawned at once. The first time, this caught me very much by surprise, and it killed me. While I can see how this behavior might make some sense in a multi-player game where the world persists when you are logged out (after logging out, time passes, the cave worms re-spawn based on time passing, and when you come back, they are all there again), when playing single-player it is extremely jarring to have the game state change so much (and so hazardously!) just because I needed to save the game right then and go deal with "real life" for a few minutes. If my supposition for the causes is correct, I would strongly recommend having time not pass in the game world while the game is not running, in single-player games.

Under consideration Caves Suggested by: Douglas Hoover Upvoted: 05 Nov, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2