Mount bugs and QoL suggestions

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Bugs 1) Riding a moa in big caves (caves connecting biomes) removes darkness so that you can see the whole cave. As soon as you dismount, it's dark again 2) You're getting storm exposure while mounted in big caves 3) If you got into a storm in arctic and your screen got frozen while mounted, it will never thaw 4) Mounts cannot get out of big cracks in ice in arctic biomes. They're getting stuck and cannot jump over. Dismounting in one of such cracks can lead to your character falling through ground. 5) Unstuck doesn't work when you're mounted QoL suggestions 1) Mounts are getting stuck in small trees. Not very well thought out and very annoying, I'd rather have them go through or destroy small trees on their way. 2) Let us look around with right mouse when mounted 3) Let us assign AD to strafe, not turn

Under consideration Mounts Suggested by: Aberiu Upvoted: 01 Jan Comments: 7

Comments: 7

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