While Mounted, Out of Bounds Message is suppressed

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Hello, While riding around on my Moa mount during missions I can traverse "out of bounds" without getting the prompt on the screen that I am out of bounds. I took a short cut through the arctic biome to get back to my drop ship without realizing it was out of bounds. All was going well until I heard a polar bear and dismounted to combat it. At that time the "Out of bounds" message appeared. I hopped back onto my mount and the message got suppressed and the timer stopped. While mounted it appears that "Out of Bounds" is not detected at all. I eventually got mauled by the polar bear and my body was so far out of bounds that it was impossible to retrieve without a mount. So, I mounted up, went and got my body, hopped back onto the mount and rode out without issue. Thanks

Known issue Mounts/Pets Suggested by: VexingPotato Upvoted: 28 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

Comments: 0