Tamed animal, automatic going to natural and artificial food sources.

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I have noticed that a guided buffalo at the lake in grid G14 sneaks away to take food or water in the middle of the lake (and piranhas). If already such a "point" for the automatic food search for accompanying animals gives could one this then not at the shore place and also several points, so that if one comes with its caravan in a certain distance past such a point and the hunger rate of the animals on a certain level fell, the animals to this point move around to eat and to drink. For all I care, just to drink, since buffalo can't actually hunt fish. But if then also for some natural food sources, like berry bushes and cornfields. When a feeding trough is nearby, the animal always tries to take the most direct route to the trough, even if it has fallen off a platform into the water and gets stuck in sloping stone pillars and doesn't take any other route or really follow one by "following". It is a tightrope walk, whether one refuses with "following" the animal with it to help itsel

Under consideration Mounts Suggested by: Tom Rattler Upvoted: 23 Dec, '22 Comments: 0

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