workshop items Qol/balance change suggestions

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Allow to store workshop items in the mxc crate while in orbit to be able to take more items down, have the workshop oxy tank and canteen prefilled every drop, allow workshop items to be sold or returned for 50% of original cost, make open world have exotics, have the workshop bandage have multiple uses like 5 or 10, add another level or improve the current mxc furnace to be equal or slightly lower than concrete, buff the mercenary backpack to give 5 or 10% move speed with a fire arm, give tactical backpack a percentage of over-encumberance penalty. Some questionable suggestions to add to the workshop: add a pistol or some sort of rifle, add a module to increase sight in the night or talent, cave scanner or ore scanner module. That is all I can think of for right now besides the big difference in the useful talent points and non useful ones.

Under consideration Balance QOL Suggestion Workshop Suggested by: Deathfire112 Upvoted: 16 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

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