[Suggestion] More animal companions + current companions do not fight

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It would be nice to have maybe a wolf or bear companions maybe steal some scorpion eggs from a nest and have your own, that you could use as guardians to help with the unfair combat sometimes the game throws at you. They don't need to be super strong or anything but just enough to ease the tension on the player or give them a chance to escape. You could potentially use wolves to order them to hunt for you or bird companions to scout.
Also i found it totally stupid how Moas and Bisons will fight you as the player if you attack them but when you are in control of them they are pure pacifists, i am not saying a Moa should be able to take on a bear and may even struggle with a wolf, maybe a bison could fight a wolf and maybe even a bear with the players help, but as it stands right now, i would rather take multiple mining trips than having my mount just randomly aggro a predator outside and wait for it's death, or even worse just run away and never to be seen again.

Under consideration AI Mounts Suggested by: Rudi Upvoted: 03 Apr Comments: 6

Comments: 6