[BUG] Short Wave Radio - Cache Medium mission

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Something is very wrong with the Short Wave Radio missions. My Son and I were playing our Open World (latest update from today 18-11-2022 New Zealand). We made the Short Wave Radio. I am the host, my son joined my Open World session. When he opens the Short Wave Radio he can not see any missions, it states something along the lines of "Question are not available in this current session", I am the host, and could see 2 missions just fine. I selected the Medium difficulty old cache mission. The target circle appeared on the map about a square away from our 'House'. So we started to set out towards it, however the cache ended up being right by the house, about a square different from the circle. I could see the Cache chest, but my son could not at all. Whats more, the wolves around the cache were flying on his screen. They were totally fine on mine... The mission details on the left side of the screen for my son is completely empty too, like the mission is not even registering.

In Progress DEV RESPONSE Map: Open World Suggested by: Terry Upvoted: 28 Nov, '22 Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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