Improve Open World Mission Rewards

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What we have in Wk50 is in the right direction (love the arrival/departure rockets), but rewards are poor compared to time and/or materials involved in fulfilling mission. I feel 90% of the time reward selection is just picking the lesser of three evils. Only twice have I had upgrade components offered, and one of them was for a weapon I never built and don't normally use. Add chance for these rewards: - Rare ore full stacks (plat/titanium) in Med and Hard - Aluminum half stack in Med missions - One tier 3 or 4 tool or weapon in Hard missions - One tier 3 or 4 piece of equipment in Hard missions (if i already have it I'd break it down for parts and feel fairly compensated) - At least full stack quantity when rewarding silica, sulfur, iron, copper in Medium missions - Full stack quantity when rewarding Easy difficulty missions. Don't give me 12 pieces of corn, I want a stack - my Moa eats me out of house and home! :) I don't mind grinding but make it worth it.

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Comments: 5