Caves/mining are boring.

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When I think of a survival game on a beautiful alien planet, I love the idea of building a log cabin and hunting animals etc. in front of a lake or mountain pass. What I don’t love is how essential mining is to the game, and how boring it is. Every drop is the same, land in a new environment, get the basics going, find a cave, grind mining for 4-8 hours, get minimum tech to beat the missing confidently, leave. I actually have to take breaks from icarus, I play once a month maybe, because it’s so boring in the caves I just don’t want to go back until I’ve emotionally recovered. The appeal of icarus always draws me back, and then after cave grinding for a couple of days, I finish and vow to not do that again. Does anyone else agree out there? I suggest making caves obsolete to other experiences in nature. Cut ore recipes in half or double furnace output. I want icarus hard, but not in a cave and not mining.

Done Balance Caves Suggested by: Matthew Upvoted: 21 Nov, '22 Comments: 2

Comments: 2