[Suggestion] Crop Plot - More efficient way of harvesting and re-seeding

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Crop plots are great for the game, but harvesting and re-seeding is a big of a drag. When you grow the crop, it appears in the inventory of the crop plot. You have to drag or move it into your inventory, and the crop then gets harvested, but to re-seed it you have to drag it back into the middle section of the crop plot to plant the seed. If you drag the pile of crops in there, the whole pile moves in, when you really only need 1 of them to see the crop plot. You cannot drag straight from the top inventory of the crop plot, to the middle to re-seed it either, you have to go via your inventory. Its just a lot of clicking and dragging, which could be made more efficient. Either make it possible to harvest and re-seed in 1 action, either by going from crop plot inventory, to middle seed section, and the balance goes to your inventory, or make a button to harvest/re-seed in 1 go. We have quite a large farm in open world, and its so many clicks and drags to harvest it all the time.

Done Food Suggested by: Terry Upvoted: 21 Dec, '22 Comments: 1

Comments: 1