Feedback: Predator respawn on dynamic mission is too fast

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I tried the dynamic mission in Open World yesterday, and chose the prospector ID recovery mission. The mission area spawned very close to my camp, so I could see there were 3 black bears as part of the mission. I waited for them to disperse a bit, then killed them one at a time. By the time the third bear was dead, another respawned. I killed the new bear and recovered one of the IDs, and then another bear respawned. I was able to stay in stealth and recovered the second ID, and another bear respawned. From the last bear killed until the first respawn was about 10 seconds, and next bear respawns around 20 seconds apart. I honestly don't even understand why there should be respawning enemies for this scenario. The predators are spawned in as the back story for why the prospectors died, but why respawn? If the respawn is crucial, I think this rate is excessive.

Under consideration AI Balance Map: Open World Suggested by: Teldae Upvoted: 29 Nov, '22 Comments: 0

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