[Suggestion] Open World should be Open, not limited to what you unlocked in Missions

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This ridiculous video explains why all areas should be open for exploration without the creator having to go through all the tedious missions in mission mode:

We took 2 hours to build a bridge over the mountains to get to the Sand biome. Its doable, nut frustrating. If the game you start is called "Open World", its only logical that players, like me and probarbly thousand others, think its an Open World, not a World with Closed passages between different Biomes.

Just my 2 cents and I'm just a rambling 50 year old man, so I guess no one cares what I think.
Apart from that, Open World is where the game got good (for me and my friends) from being just a medioker survival game.

Best Regards
-Jonas, Sweden

Under consideration Map: Open World QOL Suggestion Suggested by: prinsallan Upvoted: 25 Sep Comments: 10

Comments: 10

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